[InterMine Dev] adding mod-specific identifiers to ontology loaders

Sierra Moxon staylor at cs.uoregon.edu
Mon Aug 24 18:09:28 BST 2009

Hi -

Any chance that adding the "xref" column (row?) in obo formatted files to 
the ontology loads/tables is on the agenda for any of the upcoming 
intermine releases?

All references to zebrafish anatomy at ZFIN are stored with the ZFIN 
identifier (ZDB-ANAT- etc..) instead of the ontology id (ZFA:000x).
Even if I have to convert all my reference data to use ZFA:000x ids, it 
would still be nice to see the ZDB-ANATs as well (and it would be even 
easier for me if I didn't have to convert the data, though this might be a 
MOD-specific addition rather than a generic one :) ).

Also, links to TAO: in our anatomy file would be nice to see linked out 
from an anatomy page at intermine.


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