[InterMine Dev] many-to-one storage

julie at flymine.org julie at flymine.org
Mon Aug 24 18:29:17 BST 2009


You can load all the data from both of those files in one converter.  Just
don't store the expressions until you've processed all figures.

Does that make sense?

Read the whole expression file and create all your expression objects, as
you are doing now.  Don't store the expressions though.  Then process the
figures file.  Once that file is done and you've stored all the figure
objects, you can store the expressions.

Let me know if you need help with that.


>> 4. Storing items.
>> You generally want to store items to the database as soon as you can,
>> for
>> memory reasons.  The rule for this is when you are done updating the
>> object,
>> store it.  However, once you store the object to the database, you can't
>> change it or do updates.
> So, If I have a gene loaded from an identifiers load, and I want to add a
> collection of expressions to that gene from another load, I can't?
> How do I do this?
> Is it "not more than one update per load"?
> I want to create a expression object in one part of the load, then add to
> it's collection of "figures" in another part of the load, and from another
> xpatfig.txt file.  The two files share xpat_ids, but nothing else.
> Is it that I have to create two objects, one with the expression details,
> one with the collection of figures, and then let the post-processing or
> merge step merge the two objects together?
> Sierra

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