[InterMine Dev] many-to-one storage

Sierra Moxon staylor at cs.uoregon.edu
Mon Aug 24 20:24:46 BST 2009

Ok--that is what I'm doing.

On Mon, 24 Aug 2009, julie at flymine.org wrote:

> Sierra,
> You can load all the data from both of those files in one converter.  Just
> don't store the expressions until you've processed all figures.
> Does that make sense?
> Read the whole expression file and create all your expression objects, as
> you are doing now.  Don't store the expressions though.  Then process the
> figures file.  Once that file is done and you've stored all the figure
> objects, you can store the expressions.
> Let me know if you need help with that.
> Julie
>>> 4. Storing items.
>>> You generally want to store items to the database as soon as you can,
>>> for
>>> memory reasons.  The rule for this is when you are done updating the
>>> object,
>>> store it.  However, once you store the object to the database, you can't
>>> change it or do updates.
>> So, If I have a gene loaded from an identifiers load, and I want to add a
>> collection of expressions to that gene from another load, I can't?
>> How do I do this?
>> Is it "not more than one update per load"?
>> I want to create a expression object in one part of the load, then add to
>> it's collection of "figures" in another part of the load, and from another
>> xpatfig.txt file.  The two files share xpat_ids, but nothing else.
>> Is it that I have to create two objects, one with the expression details,
>> one with the collection of figures, and then let the post-processing or
>> merge step merge the two objects together?
>> Sierra

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