[InterMine Dev] ontology terms

Julie Sullivan julie at flymine.org
Tue Aug 25 11:42:09 BST 2009


Sorry!  I misunderstood your question.  If you want to see the model, you can 
view it by running this command in your dbmodel directory:

	xmllint --format build/model/genomic_model.xml | less

I always just use my webapp, especially if I'm just after field names.  Try 
this.  In your own webapp go to the querybuilder and select OntologyTerm:


Those are all of OntologyTerm's fields, including identifier.

Does that answer your question at all?


Sierra Moxon wrote:
> thanks Julie, I don't really need the parsers, I just need to see the 
> object model for ontology term so that I don't try to use 
> "primaryIdentifier" in my load when I mean "identifier." :)
> I have our ontologies loaded (I used the copy and replace names 
> approach. :) ).

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