[InterMine Dev] SNP script - timing out

Julie Sullivan julie at flymine.org
Fri Aug 28 17:00:30 BST 2009


Can you test something for me?

In intermine/perl/lib/InterMine/Item.pm, comment out line 196:

	$other_item->set($field->reverse_reference_name(), $self);

This is the line setting the reverse reference for the item we're saving.  We 
don't need it as we have the original reference, we were keeping it to make the 
XML more human readable, I think.  The converter discards this reference anyway.

The idea is that the objects are being kept in memory (even though they are out 
of scope) because an object you do have in scope has references to these 
objects.  So Perl never lets them go.  Removing this reference hopefully will 
prevent that.

That's the idea anyway.

Let me know how that works out.


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