[InterMine Dev] The Export function

Chen Yian chenyian at nibio.go.jp
Tue Nov 17 10:00:56 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I found that sometimes, when I try to export my querying results, it
takes long time to get response from server.
My web server become slow and consume many resource (CPU, Mem).
Seems postgres is doing some calculations.

I didn't create very complicated query, and there are only 16 rows of
The models are those default models in InterMine.
I attached the query at following.

<query name="" model="genomic" view="Gene.ncbiGeneNumber Gene.interactions.role Gene.interactions.interactingGenes.ncbiGeneNumber Gene.interactions:type.name" sortOrder="Gene.ncbiGeneNumber asc" constraintLogic="A and B">
  <node path="Gene" type="Gene">
    <constraint op="IN" value="list" description="" identifier="" code="A">
  <node path="Gene.interactions" type="Interaction">
  <node path="Gene.interactions.interactingGenes" type="Gene">
    <constraint op="IN" value="list" description="" identifier="" code="B">

Is there any suggestion about why this problem cause?



Yian Chen
Graduate student
Bioinformactics Project
National Institute of Biomedical Innovation (NIBIO)
Osaka, Japan

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