[InterMine Dev] bioseg error message

Julie Sullivan julie at flymine.org
Tue Nov 24 11:26:34 GMT 2009


The error message says that bioseg wasn't installed, so maybe a step was missed?


In the last section, the documentation says to install bioseg on all databases - 
including template1.  If this step was skipped then new databases won't have 
bioseg installed.

You can verify bioseg is installed correctly by running this in the postgres 

	select bioseg_create(1,2);

Let me know if you need more help with this.


Kalpana Karra wrote:
> I have been seeing this bioseg related through out the build, integrate, 
> postprocess steps, even though we have installed bioseg into postgresql..
> This ERROR is from intemine.log in webapp directory..
> 220 dough: /share/intermine/dev/malariamine/webapp > grep 'ERROR' 
> intermine.log
> 2009-11-23 15:03:38 ERROR 
> org.intermine.objectstore.intermine.ObjectStoreInterMineImpl     - 
> Database os.production doesn't have bioseg
> java.sql.SQLException: ERROR: function bioseg_create(integer, integer) 
> does not exist
> -Kalpana

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