[InterMine Dev] bioseg error message

Matthew Wakeling matthew at flymine.org
Tue Nov 24 18:31:20 GMT 2009

On Tue, 24 Nov 2009, Kalpana Karra wrote:
> We did install bioseg in template1 before trying the build.  This is odd.

Please could you let me know the results of the test that Julie sent you:

> You can verify bioseg is installed correctly by running this in the 
> postgres database:
>       select bioseg_create(1,2);

If the above test returns an error for the production database, then 
bioseg is not correctly installed. The final step of the install may have 
been missed out, which is:

psql production <bioseg.sql
psql production <btree_gist.sql

while you are in the postgres contrib directory (which on Debian is 
/usr/share/postgresql/<version number>/contrib)


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