[InterMine Dev] Genes Lost publications

Vallejos, Andrew avallejos at mcw.edu
Mon Nov 30 19:55:57 GMT 2009

Some of my genes are missing their publications.


2009-11-20 09:32:56 INFO  org.intermine.dataloader.HintingFetcher     -
Hinting equivalent object query summary for source <Source:
name="rat-genes", type="rgd-gene", skeleton=false> :

Performed equivalence query for DataSet 0/1 times.

Performed equivalence query for Gene 0/34043 times.

Performed equivalence query for Organism 0/1 times.

Performed equivalence query for Publication 0/41725 times. No primary
keys for this class

Summary total for source <Source: name="rat-genes", type="rgd-gene",
skeleton=false>: 75770 objects, 41725 no pk, 0 queried


^ There is the excerpt from my integrate log file.


I am wondering if the "No primary keys for this class" has anything to
do with the missing publications.  The XML file does have the gene and
publication objects and the relationship.  Do I need to add a key
definition to the rgd-gene source?  Since that is the sources which is
loading the publication data?






Andrew Vallejos

Web Developer II

Biotechnology and Bioengineering Center

Medical College of Wisconsin


avallejos at mcw.edu


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