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James Blackshaw jab250 at mrc-mbu.cam.ac.uk
Fri Mar 18 17:24:40 GMT 2011

I am wondering where the option is to hide fields in the results, in 
Intermine 0_94_1. I have some instructions from a the previous version, 
but the java files have all changed since then and I can't find that 
line in the directory anywhere.


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> On Thu, 05 Jul 2007 10:42:59 +0100, Anthony C Smith wrote:
>> Hi,
>> A have a few quick questions about the Webapp:
>> I have some attributes which I don't wish to be visible in the query
>> builder. They are inherited from the BioEntity class so that the table
>> they are in can be searched, but don't contain any data themselves. Is
>> there a way I can hide them?
> There's no configurable way to hide them at the moment.  If you need to
> you can make a local change to:
>  intermine/web/main/src/org/intermine/web/logic/query/MainHelper.java
> change these lines:
>       if (fieldName.equals("id") && !isSuperUser) {
>          continue;
>       }
> to:
>       if (fieldName.equals("id") && !isSuperUser
>           || fieldName.equals("anAttributeToHide")
>           || fieldName.equals("anotherAttributeToHide")) {
>          continue;
>       }
> Out of curiosity, which attributes were you thinking of hiding?
>> The drag and drop boxes on the query builder page only seem to work for
>> the pre-existing attributes. Any new attributes I have created move
>> around but do not change the output order when I run the query. Is there
>> something I need to configure to get this to work?
> That's weird - all attributes are equal in InterMine.  We have had some
> problems with drag and drop on Internet Explorer.  Which browser are
> you using?
>> Some of my attributes only contain a few different values. I would like
>> to be able to constrain them in the query builder by using a drop down
>> list rather than a standard equals box. Is this possible?
> That's configurable in the not-very-obviously-named:
>  flymine/dbmodel/objectstoresummary.config.properties
> It lists all attributes that should be shown in a drop-down.  There is
> one line per class of interest.
> Things have calmed down a bit here now that FlyMine paper has been
> published and we've finished all we can do for our grant renewal.  If
> you'd like us to pop down sometime to have a chat, we'd be happy to.
> We could go over any other problem or ideas you have.  It would also
> allow us to find out more about what you're doing, which would help us.
> I'm available most days for the rest of the month.  The start or end of
> the working day would be easiest for me.
> Kim.

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