[InterMine Dev] A bug in v0.96

Chen Yian chenyian at nibio.go.jp
Wed Mar 23 10:08:16 GMT 2011

Hi all,

I've found a bug in version 0.96.

While doing the following operation, I got some errors.
First, check the report page for any entry, for example a Gene.
Then, if you go to the 'Data' tab, and click on any aspect (category), 
you can find there is a blinking icon beside the link of the template.
(Just like in the report page, those related templates are being queried)
If you click any one of the template, it will automatically launch the 
query using the entry which you've checked previously.
And if the template constraints on a class which is not the one you've 
checked before, you will get error.

I hope I've explained clearly.

With best wishes,


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