[InterMine Dev] A bug in v0.96

Richard Smith richard at flymine.org
Mon Mar 28 10:37:58 BST 2011

Hi Chen,
Thanks for letting us know.  I think we've actually already fixed the
bug but after the 0.96 release.  The change will be in the next release.


On 23/03/2011 10:08, Chen Yian wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've found a bug in version 0.96.
> While doing the following operation, I got some errors.
> First, check the report page for any entry, for example a Gene.
> Then, if you go to the 'Data' tab, and click on any aspect (category),
> you can find there is a blinking icon beside the link of the template.
> (Just like in the report page, those related templates are being queried)
> If you click any one of the template, it will automatically launch the
> query using the entry which you've checked previously.
> And if the template constraints on a class which is not the one you've
> checked before, you will get error.
> I hope I've explained clearly.
> With best wishes,
> Chen
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