[InterMine Dev] Bugs in the data categories and search bar

James Blackshaw jab250 at mrc-mbu.cam.ac.uk
Tue Oct 4 13:07:49 BST 2011

We've had a couple of bug reports about MitoMiner that we think are down 
to issues with Intermine itself. When we tag queries with an Aspect so 
that they show up on the Data Category page, sometimes the link 
generated isn't a valid one. For example, our OMIM-related templates:

Working link:

Broken link:

Also we've had a user note that the Quick Search box doesn't take 
Boolean search terms. This was the feedback we recieved:
-    Searching the database by keywords (simple query using the search 
box): Boolean search syntax  seems do not work properly, the following 
example are reported to explain the problem:
1.    Search results 1 to 100 out of 287 for "kinase AND human"
2.    Search results 1 to 3 out of 3 for "kinase OR human" (here I 
should get more results than in the query above)
3.    Unfortunately, your search for "kinase AND NOT human" did not 
return any results (is it possible?), the search in mouse demonstrate 
that there are at least 77 entries for kinase in mouse (Search results 1 
to 77 out of 77 for "kinase AND mouse"), so I should get at least these 


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