[InterMine Dev] postprocessing error

wang su wangsu0623 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 09:19:32 BST 2011


When I run Post-processing in Mine_NAME/postprocess  ant
I have the following errors

[postprocess]  executing post process: create-search-index
[postprocess] Performing postprocess: create-search-index
[postprocess] Creating lucene index for keyword search...
[postprocess]  executing post process: create-attribute-indexes
[postprocess] Performing postprocess: create-attribute-indexes
[postprocess]  executing post process: null
[postprocess] Performing postprocess: null

/mnt/Storage/home/wangs/dev/imbuild/postprocess.xml:31: error running PostProcessTask (action: null)

Total time: 1 minute 52 seconds

In my project.xml file, I define the postgres like 

    <post-process name="create-references"/>
    <post-process name="create-chromosome-locations-and-lengths"/>
    <post-process name="transfer-sequences" dump="true"/>
    <post-process name="do-sources"/>
    <post-process name="create-search-index"/>
    <post-process name="create-attribute-indexes"/>
    <post-process naem="summarise-objectstore"/>
    <post-process name="create-autocomplete-index"/>


I didn't do anything with the file dev/imbuild/postprocess.xml, is this caused the error? if so, how can I modify it

Could you please help me to do with this error



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