[InterMine Dev] Blank pubmed IDs in the database

James Blackshaw jab250 at mrc-mbu.cam.ac.uk
Thu Oct 13 14:55:19 BST 2011

We've noticed while loading in publication information from Pubmed that 
about 50 PubMed IDs don't refer to an actual Pubmed entry and in fact 
return an error when you search for them on NCBI. We've traced these to 
ones in the GO annotation source files. Is there any particular reason 
GO-annotation loads publications, or why it might have nonexistent ones?

Eample like for S.pombe with a Pubmed ID that does not return any 
UniProtKB    P78794    cwf15        GO:0005681    PMID:118845903    
IDA        C    Pre-mRNA-splicing factor cwc15    
CWC15_SCHPO|cwf15|SPBC337.06c|O74817    protein    taxon:284812    
20060918    GeneDB_Spombe


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