[InterMine Dev] Doubt in building "My mine" using Intermine

sankaracr sankaracr at reverseinformatics.com
Tue Oct 18 11:20:21 BST 2011

Dear Dev,

I am interested to know more about data integration part in building various mines. I gone through "Getting started with Intermine" and I am not clear in the data integration part while building "My mine" practically. I have some doubt, could u please clarify it?

After i downloaded intermine_0_96 version, there is a folder "bio" and inside it, i can see various sources available like biogrid, ensembl, uniprot etc. . If we take "Uniprot" there s an XML "Uniprot_additions" and inside it there are "reference name" and "collection name"... 

Say for example <reference name="protein" referenced-type="Protein" reverse-reference="features" />" and "<collection name="components" referenced-type="Component" reverse-reference="protein" />", what does it mean?

1) What is a reference name, referenced-type, reverse-reference and collection name?

2) Why we are using it?

3) What does the connection refer to?

and i have a common question

4) Does primary identifier is otherwise known as primary key? can i call primary key as primary identifier?

I am very much thankful to you, if you please send a presentation / video related to integrating data & how to connect the object in a source with another object in another source and also the ppt related to the data model. 

Looking forward for your reply

Thank you so much in advance

Sankara Courtallam R
Sr.Research Scientist
Tamil Nadu
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