[InterMine Dev] Logging messages from the rgd annotation parser

Vallejos, Andrew avallejos at mcw.edu
Wed Oct 19 22:05:52 BST 2011



I'm trying to get the annotation loader to use the 12th column to
determine the type.  Unfortunately, the annotation loader just loads
everything as a gene.  Also, I cannot get the annotation java file to
log any messages.  


// LOG is the Logger object

// type is a String value from array[11], or the 12th column of the data
line being processed.

LOG.info("TYPE " + type); yields no TYPE messages in my interine.log
file or screen output.


How do I send messages to the log file?







Andrew Vallejos M.S.

Web Developer II

Biotechnology and Bioengineering Center

Medical College of Wisconsin


avallejos at mcw.edu


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