[InterMine Dev] Exporting data to Galaxy

Lewis, Brian Andrew brilewis at iupui.edu
Fri Sep 2 18:53:38 BST 2011

I'm in the process of hooking up our instance of InterMine to an instance of Galaxy (on the same server).  I figured out that I need to added the section to tiles-defs-model.xml and modify the web.properties file as well.  After re-deploying my mine, I'm able to get to the "Export to Galaxy" page.  When I click "Export", the job does go to Galaxy but I get the following error message back from Galaxy:

An error occurred running this job: The remote data source application has not sent back a URL parameter in the request.

To anyone with experience hooking up these two apps, could you let me know how to set this URL parameter?

Brian Lewis
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