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Radek Stepan rs676 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Sep 5 12:03:00 BST 2011

Hi James, sorry for the late reply.

It seems from the webconfig-model.xml that your title config for
Protein class is missing the <headerconfig> element wrapped around the
<titles> element. Also, try removing the "numberOfMainTitlesToShow"
property of the <title> element. If set to 1, you will see only one
object property in the main title based on which one is resolved first
from the list provided (resolved left to right).

Let me know how it goes.


On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 10:40 AM,  <julie at flymine.org> wrote:
> Have you looked at this?
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> Subject: [InterMine Dev] Report page titles
> From:    "James Blackshaw" <jab250 at mrc-mbu.cam.ac.uk>
> Date:    Tue, August 30, 2011 4:53 pm
> To:      "Intermine" <dev at intermine.org>
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> Hi,
> We're having a problem with setting the report page titles. We tried
> first with the XML format on (http://www.intermine.org/wiki/ReportPage),
> then with the format used by the version of webconfig.xml from the
> trunk. The report page for Gene will show primaryIdentifier in the title
> but not organism.shortname. The page for Protein isn't showing
> uniprot_accession, primaryIdentifier or organism.short_name. I've
> checked this using records where all the aforementioned fields are
> populated and even show up in the report page (rather than the title, as
> they should). Attached is my webconfig.xml.
> Regards,
> James Blackshaw
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