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Fengyuan Hu fh293 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Sep 6 15:16:38 BST 2011

Hi Brian,

Based on the fact that you can actually send intermine data to Galaxy 
and the URL value is null, it should be an intermine issue. It looks to 
me you are working with a fairly old version of intermine, what version 
is it?


On 06/09/11 15:08, Lewis, Brian Andrew wrote:
> Fengyuan --
> I just checked and it looks like the 'URL' field is not being 
> generated correctly (see attached image) since the value is blank.  
> Unfortunately the server isn't public, so I can't give you the URL.  I 
> did attach my intermine.properties file as well, with some server 
> details removed.
> I did create a new data source tool for Galaxy and it is pointing to 
> the correct URL of our InterMine instance.
> Because of the nature of the issue, I really wasn't sure if this was a 
> question for Galaxy's dev mailing list or InterMine's.
> Thanks,
> ~ Brian
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> Dear Brian,
> Sorry for the slow reply.
> First of all, it seems you've set up galaxy config in InterMine the 
> right way. I've tried to reproduce your error, but it works fine for 
> me to send data from a local InterMine to a local Galaxy.
> The "URL" content should be programmatically generated by InterMine. 
> Is your server public for me to test on? Or can you inspect it by 
> firebug in firefox or chrome on the export page, there should be a 
> hidden field called "URL" (see screenshot attached). Can you find it 
> in your page? A further question is, did you create a new data_souce 
> tool 
> <http://wiki.g2.bx.psu.edu/Admin/Tools/Tool%20Config%20Syntax#A.3Ctool.3E_tag_set>  
> for your mine or you are using an existing tool, such as modmine or 
> flymine, etc. (this is set in web.properties as for "galaxy.url.value" 
> key)?
> I've also checked the source code for Galaxy data_source 
> (galaxy-dist/tools/data_souce/data_source.py) , the error is indeed 
> caused by the missing "URL" parameter in the http request. It looks 
> quite odd to me so far.
> Thanks
> Fengyuan
> On 05/09/11 10:39, julie at flymine.org <mailto:julie at flymine.org> wrote:
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> I'm in the process of hooking up our instance of InterMine to an instance
> of Galaxy (on the same server).  I figured out that I need to added the
> section to tiles-defs-model.xml and modify the web.properties file as
> well.  After re-deploying my mine, I'm able to get to the "Export to
> Galaxy" page.  When I click "Export", the job does go to Galaxy but I get
> the following error message back from Galaxy:
> An error occurred running this job: The remote data source application has
> not sent back a URL parameter in the request.
> To anyone with experience hooking up these two apps, could you let me know
> how to set this URL parameter?
> Thanks,
> Brian Lewis
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