[InterMine Dev] seeking advice, best practices

Joel Richardson jer at informatics.jax.org
Wed Sep 14 13:39:57 BST 2011

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the insights.

> We try to hide empty classes and fields in the interface to some
> extent, we could do so more in future.
OK. I'm still curious to know how various parts of the
interface depend on specific parts of the model.

> Between the MODs we have discussed keeping models in sync as much as
> possible. We have a web page that compares models from the different
> Mines and highlights any differences - right now it doesn't seem to
> be working :( but it's usually at intermine.org/reports.

OK, thanks, that's good to know.

> If loading items XML it needs to be one file per source, so one big
> one is best.
I thought you could load the contents of a directory by setting

> Writing to items XML adds an extra step, so connecting to the database
> directly from Java code and writing straight into the items database
> is my preference.
That's what we've been doing so far. I was just wondering if there
was any advantage to decoupling them.



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