[InterMine Dev] Enrichment widgets

James Blackshaw jab250 at mrc-mbu.cam.ac.uk
Thu Sep 22 18:16:24 BST 2011


I am trying to create an enrichment widget for MitoMiner by adapting 
Intermine's UniProt keywords widget to work using our schema. 
Unfortunately, the widget doesn't say anwhere what the query is that 
it's running, making it rather hard for me to work out which lines of 
the Java code relate to which parts of the query.The version on the 
tutorial is likewise rather complicated. I'm fine with the SELECT and 
FROM, but I'm confused as to what fields go where in the exportQuery and 
other lines at the end of the script, and why Organism is in the bag list.

Would it be possible to see a simplified enrichment class to build up 
from, rather than the website's rather complex example looking at 
enrichment over several tables?. For example one that just looks to see 
if protein_isfragment (true or false) terms are enriched.

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