[InterMine Dev] question on the model

Julie Sullivan julie at flymine.org
Mon Feb 20 15:29:38 GMT 2012


I don't think I understand your question but that won't prevent me from giving 
an answer.

The main reasons for a reference to not have a reverse reference is that the 
reverse reference doesn't make sense or just to save database space.  Meaning 
the reverse reference is probably not a relationship that will be queried 
(often) or can be queried at all.  For example

	Sequence has no reference to Sequence Feature

Sequence isn't related to sequence feature, which goes against your stated 

Does that help at all?

On 15/02/12 18:20, JD Wong wrote:
> In my code I'm taking the shortcut that if a collection doesn't list a
> reverse-reference, its parent-type must be itself or a parent of itself.
>   Is this a safe assumption to make?
> -JD
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