[InterMine Dev] btree_gist.sql missing

Gail Binkley gail.binkley at stanford.edu
Thu Feb 23 16:13:45 GMT 2012

We've just installed and configured a machine at Stanford for the new GOmine. Postgresql 9.1.2 was installed from the yum server. Our sysadmin installed the Bioseg software per the instructions at: 

When I went to finish the Bioseg configuration, the first command worked, but the second failed. 

psql -d template1 < `pg_config --sharedir`/contrib/bioseg.sql 

psql -d template1 < `pg_config --sharedir`/contrib/btree_gist.sql 
/usr/pgsql-9.1/share/contrib/btree_gist.sql: No such file or directory. 

The btree_gist.sql file is not located in the same directory at the bioseg.sql file. For us its located at: 


Has anyone else had this experience. Should we just apply the btree_gist file from share/extension? 

Also one other point. If everyone is encouraged to upgrade to Postgresql 9.1, it would be nice if the http://www.intermine.org/wiki/GettingStarted and http://www.intermine.org/wiki/Prerequisites wiki pages were updated. Our sysadmin had actually forgotten to install the Bioseg software because it was not listed in the Software Minimum Version table at the top of the Prerequisites wiki page. 

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