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Joel Richardson Joel.Richardson at jax.org
Fri Jun 1 17:06:40 BST 2012

Yes, that would be very useful. In MGI, we store URLs as templates that
a substitution pattern where the id gets plugged in.


On 6/1/12 11:28 AM, "Sierra Moxon" <staylor at cs.uoregon.edu> wrote:

>I think we would like this too.
>It would be cool if crossReference.identifiers could link to
>crossReference.dataSource.url (appending crossReference.identifier to
>the url to make the link work) on every page they shows up on
>(reports, lists, object pages, etc...).
>Also, some of our crossReferences have a url-suffix: a bit of text
>after the url+identifier that makes the link work.  I put this in my
>DataSource class.  Does anyone else have this?
>On May 31, 2012, at 11:20 AM, Kalpana Karra wrote:
>> Currently, we can provide External Links to say PubMed based on
>> PubMed ID. This works as long as the base URL and parameter name is
>> fixed and we can substitute <<attributeValue>> for the links.
>> But, there is no way to provide external links to completely
>> different URLs for the values in a given column. For example, each
>> Publication can provide link to 'Free Text' and this is different
>> depending on journal etc.
>> So, if people see the need for this ability in Intermine..perhaps it
>> should be implemented?
>> Thanks,
>> -Kalpana
>>> Is there a way to link to a different URL for each ID. For example,
>>> each Publication has an associated URL link to access Full Text of
>>> that paper.
>>> There doesn't seem to be a way to make the values of a column be
>>> links to different things...is that right?
>>> Thanks,
>>> -Kalpana
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