[InterMine Dev] Go-annotation parser

James Blackshaw jab250 at mrc-mbu.cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 22 13:16:11 BST 2012

We have a separate go-annotation source. We didn't knwo it was possible 
to load from uniprot.


On 22/06/2012 12:12, julie at flymine.org wrote:
> Sorry for the delay James!  I'm not in the office this week so I've fallen
> a bit behind.
> Do you load GO from UniProt or do you have a separate GO source?
>> This is currently the only problem holding up my re-release. I don't
>> think it's connected to the new uniprot format as we are using a version
>> from last year at the moment. The go_annotation and all_go_annotation
>> tables are filled, but the respective go_annotationprotein tables are
>> empty.
>> -James
>> On 15/06/2012 17:06, James Blackshaw wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> for some reason the Go-annotation parser isn't always creating links
>>> from protein->goannotation. It worked the last time I ran an
>>> integration once I'd ran summarise-objectstore in postprocess, but not
>>> this time. I haven't changed the go-annoation source at all. Are there
>>> any other factors I'm not considering here?
>>> -James
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