[InterMine Dev] List upgrade bug?

Julie Sullivan julie at flymine.org
Mon Jun 25 10:45:49 BST 2012

Hi Kalpana

The list upgrade just repopulates the same lists with the new identifiers.  The 
list upgrade process doesn't re-query.

To do this you could write a short script that:

  1. deletes those 3 lists
  2. reruns those 3 queries
  3. creates a public list from each of the query results

Then the script can be part of your release script.

I can help with that, it would be easy to do using web services.


On 22/06/12 19:22, Kalpana Karra wrote:
> In YeastMine, we have pre-made 'Lists' of Dubious, Uncharacterized and Verified ORFs. This is a constraint on column 'Qualifier'. Some of the ORFs changed status from Dubious to Uncharacterized etc. But, this change was not reflected in these pre-made Lists during the weekly builds. Should it have? I thought if there was any change to List contents we would be prompted to act upon it, right?
> I am not sure if the List upgrade process should account for this type of change i.e does it re-query to make Lists or just repopulates the same objects with new IDs?
> Example query to make list..
> <query name="" model="genomic" view="Gene.primaryIdentifier Gene.secondaryIdentifier Gene.symbol Gene.name Gene.sgdAlias Gene.organism.shortName" sortOrder="Gene.primaryIdentifier asc">
>    <constraint path="Gene.qualifier" op="=" value="Dubious"/>
> </query>
> Thanks,
> -Kalpana
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