[InterMine Dev] biopax data visulization

julie at flymine.org julie at flymine.org
Thu Mar 15 02:46:39 GMT 2012

Hi Su,

Sure, we'd be happy to help you with this!  What did you want your network
displayer to show?

Currently pathways are not modeled as graphs, eg. pathways don't have
parent/child pathways.  You could show the other genes on the gene of
interest's pathways, and which pathways those genes share.  Is that what
you were thinking?

Did you use InterMine's biopax loader?  Or did you write your own?  If you
used the generic InterMine data loader, Fengyuan and I can work on some
code to get you started which you can then customise, etc.


> Hi all,
> I want use InterMine 0.98 create a pathway database, I had loaded my
> biopax level2 data into the intermine, now I want to have a figure to show
> the network , just like
> http://targetmine.nibio.go.jp:8080/targetmine/report.do?id=2013549 in
> targetmine, can you say something details about how could I implement this
> function. Thank you
> Best wishes!
> Su
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