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Dr Intikhab Alam intikhab.alam at kaust.edu.sa
Mon Nov 5 09:00:45 GMT 2012


The new release of intermine is quite helpful in filtering the results e.g. From quick search but the results are limited to 100 hits, is there a way to extend it to all hits?

Furthermore, When comparing quick search and querybuilder based searches some of the features in query builder does not work e.g. If you have multiple organisms and you want to constraint using " one of" and select multiple organisms results in an empty page with url ending query.do

When we search for, for example 'hydrolase' in the quick search it gives results across organisms included in the datwarehouse, however it fails if we go through query builder and select multiple organisms using "AND" contraint. If we use "OR" as a contstraint, it returns all the genes from several organisms although we had placed a constraint to e.g. Lookup a keyword in the description of genes and selected organisms. Here is the query in xml for example:

query name="" model="genomic" view="Gene.organism.name Gene.name" longDescription="All 54?C and 15.2% salinity, except of AAA801_K03 (47?C & 9.4% salinity)" sortOrder="Gene.organism.name asc" constraintLogic="A or B or C or D or E or F or G or H or I">
  <constraint path="Gene.organism.name" code="A" op="=" value="AAA833D23 Archea;MSBL1;Atlantis II Deep (15.2%);Jan, 2012;HiSeq;"/>
  <constraint path="Gene.organism.name" code="B" op="=" value="AAA833F18 Archea;MSBL1;Atlantis II Deep (15.2%);Dec, 2011;2G;"/>
  <constraint path="Gene.organism.name" code="C" op="=" value="AAA833K04 Archea;MSBL1;Atlantis II Deep (15.2%);Dec, 2011;2G;"/>
  <constraint path="Gene.organism.name" code="D" op="=" value="AAA833B13 Archea;SA2 cluster;Atlantis II Deep (15.2%);Dec, 2011;2G;"/>
  <constraint path="Gene.organism.name" code="E" op="=" value="AAA833G20 Archea;SA2 cluster;Atlantis II Deep (15.2%);July, 2012;HiSeq;"/>
  <constraint path="Gene.organism.name" code="F" op="=" value="AAA833M15 Archea;SA2 cluster;Atlantis II Deep (15.2%);July, 2012;HiSeq;"/>
  <constraint path="Gene.organism.name" code="G" op="=" value="AAA833P16 Bacteria;Candidate division OD1;Atlantis II Deep (15.2%);April, 2012;HiSeq;"/>
  <constraint path="Gene.organism.name" code="H" op="=" value="AAA801K03 Bacteria;Desulfobacterales;Atlantis II Deep (9.4%);Dec, 2011;2G;"/>
  <constraint path="Gene.description" code="I" op="CONTAINS" value="hydrolase"/>

Any help in the above issues, please?


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