[InterMine Dev] missing directories while building a new mine.

Allan Kamau kamauallan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 12:40:18 GMT 2012

When creating a new mine using the master branch obtained from the GitHub
at approximately 1300hrs GMT on 2012-Nov-05. I am experiencing the
following errors.

When running "ant -v -Dsource=all" at the integration step when within the
integrate directory of my newly create mine source directory, the build
fails because the following directories are required.

../integrate/src and ../integrate/resources

The build completes successfully once I manually create these two
directories and rerun the "ant -v -Dsource=all" command.

Also the postprocess step (from within the "postprocess" directory of my
newly created mine source directory) fails on not finding the directories
"../postprocess/main/src", "../postprocess/main/resources" and
"../postprocess/src". When I manually create these three directories, the
"ant -v" build process runs to completion successfully.

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