[InterMine Dev] Unable to configure Intermine to work with GBrowse

Allan Kamau kamauallan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 07:59:30 GMT 2012

I am using the documentation at "
http://intermine.org/wiki/GBrowseConfiguration" describing how to get
GBrowse to display data from Intermine.

I have successfully installed GBrowse and can run and reconfigure the test
project "volvox". And I do have a fully functional mine running on

I am stuck at the "Creating files for GBrowse" section. The instruction "On
your local machine, in <mine>/gbrowse ..
I do not have gbrowse directory in my mine. Using my mine's directory as my
current working directory, a search for the string (ant task)
"install-gbrowse-conf" exists only in build.xml found in
"../imbuild/gbrowse.xml" (relative to my mine's directory) and "write-gff"
ant task is found at "../imbuild/gbrowse.xml".

What should I do to have my mine's directory furnished with files (and
directories) required to run the Intermine-GBrowse configuration exercise?

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