[InterMine Dev] one-of constraint not working

Dr Intikhab Alam intikhab.alam at kaust.edu.sa
Mon Nov 19 16:18:08 GMT 2012

Dear Dev at Intermine,

We are running the latest release from flymine, 1.1. We reported previously that one-of constraint is not working. Julie update us that it has now been fixed. But it is still not working. Even at flymine website this shows now results e.g. the following query:

<query name="" model="genomic" view="SequenceFeature.symbol SequenceFeature.name
SequenceFeature.primaryIdentifier SequenceFeature.sequenceOntologyTerm.name
SequenceFeature.locations.locatedOn.primaryIdentifier SequenceFeature.locations.start SequenceFeature.locations.end
SequenceFeature.locations.strand SequenceFeature.organism.shortName" longDescription="Return genome features that
match a specified string. (ID, symbol, name, synonym) for the specified species." sortOrder="SequenceFeature.symbol asc"
constraintLogic="A and B"><constraint path="SequenceFeature.organism.shortName" code="B" op="ONE OF"><value>H.
sapiens</value><value>M. musculus</value></constraint><constraint path="SequenceFeature" code="A" op="LOOKUP"

Similarly there is no update on how to get the Fasta and GFF3 export working.

Any help here, please.


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