[InterMine Dev] error Unable to construct query

Alex Kalderimis alex at intermine.org
Fri Nov 23 23:04:21 GMT 2012

Hey there JD,

Sorry you are experiencing problems. It would help if you could run the following code in your browser console: 

  $SERVICE.fetchVersion(_.bind(console.log, console, "success"));

This will check that the underlying library is working correctly. It'd be useful to see the output. 

You can open the console by typing ctl-shift-j in chrome or right-clicking and choosing "inspect element" in any webkit browser.

All best,


JD Wong <jdmswong at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>When I try to run queries on my 1.1 instance it tells me it can't
>my query.  All my mine contains is a single gene record added by a
>file converter.  Nothing gets added to tomcat or webapp/intermine.log
>this happens, postgres shows my record is there, and I'm on the most
>version of master.
>Has anyone seen this before, or am I missing something really obvious?
>dev mailing list
>dev at intermine.org

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