[InterMine Dev] Error when running "ant build-db-userprofile".

Julie Sullivan julie at flymine.org
Mon Oct 1 10:05:44 BST 2012

Hi Allan

We are going to be introducing the idea of "sharing" lists in InterMine 1.1. 
This feature is not on the 1.0 branch yet (master) it's only on dev. So 
whichever code generated the first error you sent was not on the master branch.

 From your last email I assume that you are now using the correct branch. Check 
this by running this command:

	git branch

And you should see something like:
*  master

However you have built your databases using the wrong branch, and I think that 
may be causing errors. Can you drop and recreate your userprofile database?

	dropdb userprofile (or whatever you named it)
	createdb userprofile

Then try the build-db-userprofile again?

If that doesn't fix your problem, send us the log file and hopefully that will 
tell us what's going on!


On 30/09/12 15:23, Allan Kamau wrote:
> I had obtained the master branch using "git checkout master". I did a
> full clone to a different directory today and when though all the
> steps but got stuck once again at "ant -v build-db-userprofile".
> Looking at the databases, I see database objects have been created
> meaning that the access to the database server may not be the problem.
> Should I send the log file (about 165584 bytes in size) as an attachement?
> Allan.
> On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 10:37 AM,<julie at flymine.org>  wrote:
>> Hi Allan
>>  From your error message it looks like you are working off of the "dev"
>> branch when you actually want to be using the "master" branch. The "dev"
>> branch is what the InterMine developers are using and may not be tested
>> thoroughly, the "master" branch is the latest stable InterMine release.
>> Here's how to switch branches:
>> http://git-scm.com/book/en/Git-Branching-Basic-Branching-and-Merging
>> Here are our docs on getting the InterMine code:
>> http://intermine.org/wiki/Git
>> Julie
>>> I am getting the error below when I run "ant build-db-userprofile"
>>> from malariamine/webapp directory.
>>> What could be the cause of this error?
>>> -do-build-db-userprofile:
>>>   [build-db] Our new url ->
>>> jdbc:postgresql://localhost/userprofile-malariamine
>>>   [build-db] Our new url ->
>>> jdbc:postgresql://localhost/userprofile-malariamine
>>> -load-default-templates:
>>> [load-default-templates] Loading default templates and tags into
>>> profile test_user at mail_account
>>> [load-default-templates] java.lang.RuntimeException: Error retrieving
>>> the bag with bagId : null
>>> [load-default-templates]      at
>>> org.intermine.api.bag.SharedBagManager.getSharedBags(SharedBagManager.java:161)
>>> [load-default-templates]      at
>>> org.intermine.api.profile.Profile.getSharedBags(Profile.java:735)
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