[InterMine Dev] python client question

Kalpana Karra kkarra at stanford.edu
Thu Oct 11 16:41:06 BST 2012

We had a user write in with trouble logging in, wondering if you all know what the problem could be?


I am now trying to access yeastmine using the intermine python web services client API (http://www.intermine.org/wiki/PythonClient) , but I cannot login.  

Below is my sample code.  When I run it, I get the exception:
   raise WebserviceError(resp.status, resp.reason, content)
intermine.webservice.WebserviceError: [Errno 403] Forbidden: '{\n"wasSuccessful":false,"error":"Unknown username: David.Weisman","statusCode":403}'

However, I am certain that I have a valid login name and password, because I can login normally as a browser user, using the same account and password.

Do you know how I might resolve this?

#!/usr/bin/env python

from intermine.webservice import Service

geneList = [ 
'rad51', 'rad52', 'rad53', 'ddc1', 'rad55', 'rad57', 'spo11', 'dmc1', 'rad17', 'rad9', 'rad24', 'msh1', 'msh5', 'mre11', 'xrs2', 'ndt80', 'tid1', 'ssb1', 'pre3', 'acr1', 'doa3', 'rad54', 'ssf1']

service = Service("http://yeastmine.yeastgenome.org/yeastmine/service", "David.Weisman at umb.edu", "DELETED")

my_list = service.create_list(geneList, "Gene", "Uploaded List 2", tags=["tag"])   

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