[InterMine Dev] beta release - InterMine 1.1

Christian Pich cmpich at zfin.org
Tue Oct 23 20:27:25 BST 2012


I encountered the following problem:

It seems that widget displaying numbers of genes (or bars) have problems,
e.g. if I create a list ('pich test' on beta.flymine.org) and click on 
any of the Matches-link in the
publication enrichment or pathway enrichment or BDGP Expression patterns 
a little popup comes up with a preview list of genes.
When I click on the button 'View results' I get a new tab with an 
exception stating the URL /betarun.do
is not available. I tried Chrome and Firefox.


popup URL:


On 10/23/12 9:50 AM, Julie Sullivan wrote:
> InterMine 1.1 is now available for beta testers!
> In this release, we have lots of new features. You can now change the 
> background distribution for enrichment widgets, users can share lists 
> and a mine can have multiple "super users". We've added several new 
> homologue data converters, and report widgets are now embeddable into 
> any HTML page.
> See here for the full list: http://intermine.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes
> You can test some of the new features here:
>     http://beta.flymine.org
> Note we have some model changes in this release for GO and 
> interactions. You can release a new webapp with the 1.1 code but the 
> interactions widget (for example) won't work correctly until you run a 
> new build. Also your templates will probably break.
> Upgrade instructions are here:
>     http://intermine.org/wiki/UpgradeInterMine
> The release date for InterMine 1.1 is (tentatively) set for 5 November.
> Thanks!
> Julie + the InterMine team
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