[InterMine Dev] master vs. intermine-1.1 branch?

Julie Sullivan julie at flymine.org
Tue Oct 30 09:19:08 GMT 2012

Hi JD,

No problem, we're still getting used to the new way of doing things with Git.

You should only ever use the master branch, that's the most up-to-date release 
of InterMine. Currently that is release 1.1 (beta).

Here's the docs on what to do:


The InterMine developers here in Cambridge work off of the dev branch with 
occasional other branches made for certain bugs or features. We also make a 
branch for the release candidate (eg. release-intermine-1.1), this branch is for 
beta testing and will be deleted next week when we make the formal 1.1 release.

If you want to start working off of 1.0 instead of 1.1, you can check out the 
latest 1.0 tag:



On 29/10/12 22:12, JD Wong wrote:
> Hi Julie,
> Sorry if I missed this but I was wondering if the new release of intermine
> always replaces the old one in master branch, or if a new branch is created
> for it.  On a related note, to get 1.1 do I have to pull from the
> release-intermine-1.1 branch?
> Also, how can you check what version of intermine the files on my server
> are at.  Is it in a config file somewhere?
> Thanks!
> -JD

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