[InterMine Dev] orthologs from HCOP

Jayaraman, Pushkala pjayaraman at mcw.edu
Thu Aug 1 16:08:32 BST 2013

I just re-read my email that I sent out..
What I really wanted to know from you guys is how different is the information in this file from the panther and homologene datasets we're using.
It uses a couple more datasources and also combines data from zfin, mgi, homologene, ensemble, treefam ,Evola(H-InvDB), Inparanoid, OMA, OPTIC..
It maps all genes back to human.
Do let me know what you think..


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Has anyone looked at the ortholog files form HCOP?

the section:
Or download all Human  ortholog data as a   20 column tab delimited text file. Download
Equivalent url for this link: http://www.genenames.org/cgi-bin/hcop_data.cgi?species=all&lite=0&Search=Download

Gives you a whole bunch of ortholog information. Everything maps to Human entrezgene/HGNCId/Human Ensembl Id.
I wonder if you guys have looked at it..

Pushkala Jayaraman
Programmer/Analyst - Rat Genome Database
Human and Molecular Genetics Center
Medical College of Wisconsin

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