[InterMine Dev] Questions on production database schema

JD Wong jdmswong at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 15:13:54 BST 2013

Hi Dev,

I'm looking more closely at my mine's production database, and I was
wondering a few things I hope someone here can shed some light on.

How are dataset tables linked to data, can i write an SQL query along the
lines of " which records are in this dataset"?

There are also a bunch of bag tables like:
public | integer_bag_1019                        | table    | intermine
 public | integer_bag_1020                        | table    | intermine
 public | integer_bag_1021                        | table    | intermine
 public | integer_bag_228                         | table    | intermine
 public | integer_bag_229                         | table    | intermine
 public | integer_bag_231                         | table    | intermine

there many of these, and for string_bag too, does anyone know what they are

Thank you!
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