[InterMine Dev] request javadocs for org.intermine.bio

Alex Kalderimis alex at intermine.org
Wed Aug 14 15:29:24 BST 2013

The docs have been updated with a more complete set of classes,
including everything under the org.intermine.bio namespace.


On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 08:09:23PM +0000, Jayaraman, Pushkala wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> Thanks for the javadocs link! :)
> I was wondering if we could get access to the javadocs under org.intermine.bio as well.. I don't see it on the javadocs link..
> http://intermine.github.io/intermine/
> Would it be possible for us to get access to the javadocs under org.intermine.bio ?
> It would be awesome if we could..!
> Thanks,
> Pushkala Jayaraman
> Programmer/Analyst - Rat Genome Database
> Human and Molecular Genetics Center
> Medical College of Wisconsin
> 414-955-2229
> http://rgd.mcw.edu

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