[InterMine Dev] Not able to see the webapp after the successful build

Fengyuan Hu fh293 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 13 10:13:55 GMT 2013

Hi Manikandan,

We have a webapp diagnostic page on the wiki now - 

However, I don't think it will help much in your case. It's hard to 
guess what happened, is there some way to make your webapp public that 
we can access?


On 09/03/13 10:36, it at reverseinformatics.com wrote:
> Dear All,
> After successfully deployed malariamine context, we are not able to 
> see the home page. It displays like the following
>       ${WEB_PROPERTIES['begin.searchBox.title']}
> It may be the problem in referring web.properties file.Kindly help me 
> out to the problem and find the attached screenshot for your reference.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Manikandan

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