[InterMine Dev] referencing items-xml

David Rhee david.rhee at einstein.yu.edu
Tue Mar 19 20:43:00 GMT 2013

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a way to reference to already added data (via project.xml) while custom loading items-xml. For instance, I will be adding an item for class called 'submission' and need to reference 'organism' class. As shown below.

<item id="0_2" class="Submission">
                <attribute name="identifier" value="feature2" />
                <attribute name="confidence" value="0.37" />
                <reference name="organism" ref_id="?" />

The tutorial shows that when adding items, I can reference to organism by its unique item id. However I am adding the organism data via project.xml (see below) I do not have the ref_id available. How do I reference to organism in this case? Do I simply add organism to items-xml and hope that they will sync up later?

    <source name="entrez-organism" type="entrez-organism">
      <property name="src.data.file" location="build/organisms.xml"/>

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