[InterMine Dev] Other data loaders for Intermine

Jayaraman, Pushkala pjayaraman at mcw.edu
Wed Mar 20 17:06:17 GMT 2013

I was reading up on the Data Source Library section and found that there were certain loaders written by other intermine users.
I was wondering how to view these loading scripts. Are they part of the repository?
Need some help trying to figure out where these scripts might be located. Do let me know..
Other loaders
These loaders were written by InterMine users.

  *   CHEBI
  *   Disease ontology
  *   haem-atlas
  *   HGNC
  *   HuGE
  *   Mammalian phenotypes
  *   pride
  *   stitch
  *   huge gwas

Pushkala Jayaraman
Programmer/Analyst - Rat Genome Database
Human and Molecular Genetics Center
Medical College of Wisconsin

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