[InterMine Dev] Other data loaders for Intermine

Jayaraman, Pushkala pjayaraman at mcw.edu
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Thanks Julie, 
Another quick question would be this:

I've been creating dbsnp xml files and they are crazy huge. Is there a limit to how large a file intermine can upload? 


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The ontology sources (DO and MP) refer to the sources that Andrew wrote.

The rest are located here:


All of those are over 3 years old, so you'll likely have to update them if the data has changed. Hopefully they'll have README files, I don't have any documentation for them.

On 20/03/13 17:06, Jayaraman, Pushkala wrote:
> Hello,
> I was reading up on the Data Source Library section and found that there were certain loaders written by other intermine users.
> I was wondering how to view these loading scripts. Are they part of the repository?
> Need some help trying to figure out where these scripts might be located. Do let me know..
> Other loaders
> These loaders were written by InterMine users.
>    *   CHEBI
>    *   Disease ontology
>    *   haem-atlas
>    *   HGNC
>    *   HuGE
>    *   Mammalian phenotypes
>    *   pride
>    *   stitch
>    *   huge gwas
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