[InterMine Dev] Galaxy Export ...

Howie Motenko Howie.Motenko at jax.org
Wed Mar 27 18:51:05 GMT 2013

We've got the Galaxy export up and running.  But a funny little thing happens.

First let me define (in my own words) the galaxy stages as represented in the history column (far right-hand side) …

 1. The data is queued to galaxy => a grey box with a title (currently 'Flymine')
 2. The data is processed by galaxy => a yellow box with a title of the data.
 3. The data is available [or an error] for galaxy's tools => a green box [red box for error].

Okay now here's the wiggy thing … During the first stage in the grey box the data is displayed "Flymine", though it comes from 'MouseMine'.  How can we change it to read 'MouseMine'?

As a point of reference:

Mine  ==> Grey titled displayed
FlyMine ==> Flymine
Metabolic ==> Flymine
modMine ==> Flymine
Rat ==> [broken]
MouseMine ==> Flymine
YeastMine ==> YeastMine

And there's the interesting point YeastMine actually displays 'YeastMine' in the grey box.  We'd like to do that too.


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