[InterMine Dev] shell script to download the files for the identifiers data loads?

julie at flymine.org julie at flymine.org
Thu Mar 28 16:40:47 GMT 2013

This is what we use:


Even if you don't use our scripts you can get the URL to get the data file
in your own script. Does that look helpful?

> Hey Julie-
> Does flymine have a repository of shell or other scripts available for
> downloading data?
> Particularly, I noticed you have a lot of identifier data sources that
> curators are asking me to add to the mine, from flybase, mgi, etc
  If I
> want to automate the addition of these sources, I need to automate the
> downloading of the files.  The flybase file path is particularly funky.
> How do you tell what release flybase is at?  Do you already have a shell
> script to do the release grabbing and downloading of these files?  Can I
> take a look?
> https://intermine.readthedocs.org/en/latest/database/data-sources/library/identifiers/
> thanks,
> Sierra

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