[InterMine Dev] Some questions about the web application settings

Julie Sullivan julie at flymine.org
Thu Jul 10 14:49:31 BST 2014

Hi Chen,

1. Where do you want to display synonyms? In the grey section at the top 
of the report page? Like FlyMine? Or in the Summary section under the 
blue quick links bar?

In FlyMine, this is specified by this bit of configuration:


The docs are here:


If you meant you want to show synonyms in the Summary section under the 
blue quick links bar, I don't know how to do that.

Here's the code for the summary section:


I see that you can put displayers there, and templates but I don't see 
that you can show collections. Is this something you would like? I can 
make a ticket.

2. I've made a ticket:


You can rename the columns this way:


But do you need to rename them only for a template?


On 09/07/14 08:03, Chen Yian wrote:
> Hi all,
> Two issues I would like to inquire.
> I found that adding the tags to a "inlinelist" of the report page
> doesn't work.
> For example, tagging "Synonyms" with "im:summary" didn't bring
> "Synonyms" to the summary section.
> Do I misunderstand anything?
> Another question is, in the QueryBuilder,
> previously we can rename the column name in the result table by editing
> the description.
> It worked perfectly before, but doesn't work now.
> Thanks in advance.
> Chen
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