[InterMine Dev] Report page - preview popup box

Alex Kalderimis alex at intermine.org
Fri Jul 11 11:28:38 BST 2014

Thanks for your comments Anthony,

I think this is a very legitimate concern. I have made a ticket to deal
with resolving this issue to your satisfaction
(https://github.com/intermine/intermine/issues/722) where I hope we can
discuss which mechanism you would prefer.

As background the preview mechanism was included to provide quick access
to an overview of an object, especially those fields not found in the
table itself. Hence the decision to show as much as possible. I agree
that in cases like this it becomes too much of a good thing.

I have listed some resolution strategies on the ticket, and I would
value your input on them. I would also note that you can switch the
previews from activating on hover to on click. It would also be possible
to allow them to be disabled entirely.

All best,


On 11/07/14 10:24, Anthony C. Smith wrote:
> Hello,
> I am just updating MitoMiner to 1.3.1. I have noticed that on the report
> pages the hover/popover box now includes all attributes (see attached
> screen shot) which is problematic as some of our tables, such as
> protein, are quite large. It doesn’t seem to take notice of
> webconfig-model.xml like previous versions so to hide them. Is it
> possible to specify the attributes to be shown (i.e. no one needs to see
> blank fields or the MD5 checksum)? Alternatively can it be switched off
> completely?   
> Thanks,
> Anthony
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