[InterMine Dev] Local phytomine build

Richard Smith richard at flymine.org
Wed Apr 15 17:18:03 BST 2015

Hi Joe,
I started building phytomine from the chado dump you provided on one of
our servers. It's only loaded 18 genomes so far (some failed, I skipped
them) but it does show that it started off faster than your load but also
seems to be slowing, but perhaps less rapidly.

You can see the progress in the attached graph - in an effort to one-up
your graph I made the marker sizes proportional to the number of objects

The server it's running on isn't our newest (around 4 year old 16 core
2.67GHz Xeon, 100GB RAM) but it does have a fast direct attached disk
array. The build java process was set to use 10GB RAM in ANT_OPTS.

I still think the slowdown is caused by ANALYSEs running on the target
database, once this has got a bit further I'll restart with the change I
made to make them less frequent.


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