[InterMine Dev] tomcat restart deletes query templates

Joe Carlson jwcarlson at lbl.gov
Thu Aug 6 17:42:17 BST 2015

Hi Julie and others,

I've seen a problem the past couple weeks. I'm just starting to figure 
out what is going on here. What I'm seeing is that a tomcat restart 
causes most of the saved templates to disappear. The savedtemplatequery 
table in the userprofile db is almost cleaned out - it looks like there 
are still some user-created queries, but only 1 template created by the 
superuser. Of course they do not show up on the front page.

I think - but I'm not even sure about this - is that it happens with a 
tomcat restart.

Most curious. Have you ever seen this behavior? I have a backup that I 
can restore so it's not a catastrophe but annoying.



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